Very often older machines mechanically still are in good condition but the old electronic control lets you down.

Retrofit of a new plc control is the solution.

We started PLC retrofitting in the field of Vacuumform / Thermoforming machinery.
Our plc system has an up to date heating controll, where each heater can be regulated
0-100%. Quarz, ceramic or halogene heaters, we can controll them. The system can be extended with pyrometers for heating and cooling, servo valves and even positioning systems for plug assist and table.

No matter if it is a Geiss, Illig, Kiefel, QS or Canon Shelly, we reftrofit plc systems to any brand. You want to see a control in motion, we can demonstrate you!

We focus on controlls for vacuumforming machines, extruders, extrusionlines and Injectionmoulders (>500ton). For plc controlls on blowmouldingmachinery, we can recommend you a partner company.