These products are SOLD
Storage Silos/Tanks Silos (outside) 0
min 100m3 and diameter around 3,50m
Storage Silos/Tanks Silos (outside) 0
silo's need to fit on ring as dieplayed on drawing
Miscellaneous Motors ABB 2002
Thermoforming Thermoform-film 0
LS 72 Hole punch for RDKP 72
Thermoforming Sheet-oven Rheinhard 1998
Mega oven: 2 levels each 4,5x3m 1 level each 4,5x1,5m max 300 degr C
These products are SOLD
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet 0
2500-3000 x 1500 year > 2000
Miscellaneous Coolers Trane ECGAH 230 1998
Miscellaneous Coolers Trane 3-16 KG 1994
Miscellaneous Compressors Grassair S217.10 SFX 1996
Extrusion lines Cast lines Ghioldi 1500 1997
FOR STRETCHFILM filmwidth max 1600mm. Output 17micron ± 300kg/hr Output 30micron ± 330 kg/hr Output 23micron ± 380 kg/hr
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Stork of Demag 0
max 5 years old!
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine 1995
Sucht einen Extruder mit Schneckendurchmesser 60 mm Fa. Krus Profil
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Arburg 2000
Will einfach, dass man ihm mehrere verschiedene Maschinen anbietet.
Thermoforming CNC-Millingmachine Geiss/H&G/etc 1999
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Arburg 0
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine 0
best tie-barless machine! tiebars not smaller 470x470mm
Extrusion miscellaneous Winder TNT Maschinenbau 1600 1999
used at PET extrusion line. Incl. take off unit, including cutting system included.
Thermoforming CNC-Millingmachine Huber & Grimme HG 800 or HG 1300 or HG 1400 9999
Please offer us a Huber und Grimme HG 800 or HG 1300 or HG 1400
Miscellaneous Coolers MTA 219 2008
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Battenfeld, Krauss Maffei, Engel 1997
up to 1997
These products are SOLD
Miscellaneous Scale 0
owak 9020
Thermoforming Thermoform-film Illig RV 53B 0
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines EPS Battenfeld Gloenco complete line incl thermoformers 0
complete eps film extrusionline including 2x Illig EPS forming machines!
Printing presses Cup-printer OMSO DM 165 UV dryer 1995
FOR RECTANGULAR CUPS with bottomprinter 1 colour UV tunnel dreyer Speed 4000 – 7800 products per hour depending on the shape. Product dimensions(LxW): 150 x 140mm Print length max: 480mm Conical products form 3 to 7 degrees
Extrusion dies and feedblocks Die sheet/flat-film None
for thermoform film, material and building type unknown
These products are SOLD
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Leistritz ESE 120 1994
600-700 KG/HR gala underwatter peletizer
Thermoforming Sealing heatseal Multivac M 800D 1979
Multivac Thermoformer with printer. Tooling according to pictures. Used for medtech packaging in clean room. Rebuilt 2000-2005, few hours in production.
Thermoforming Sealing heatseal Illig HSP 35 B3 1978
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Geiss 1500x1000 SOLD 2012
complete overhauled machine! MPM develloped Siemens S7-300 controll with integrated heating controll
Thermoforming Sealing HF Fiab 2006
working area 950 x 1.600 mm Siemens,Simatic S7 control system
These products are SOLD
Storage Silos/Tanks Silos (outside) Elimetal 1984
Storage Silos/Tanks Silos (outside) BTS tank solutions None
hight 10760mm. 4 pieces available
Extrusion lines Compounding lines None
good double screw line co-rotating with dieface cutter,output circa 150-200kg/hr max 10 years old
Extrusion lines Compounding lines None
good double screw line co-rotating with dieface cutter,output circa 150-200kg/hr max 10 years old
We refurb all thermoforming machines. machines. We also develloped an S7 Siemens controll, which we cann add to all offered machines. Heatingcontroll integrated.We also retrofit, a by MPM bv develloped new SIEMENS S7 controll.
These products are SOLD
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Geiss DU1000x600 U None
Miscellaneous All other Machines Macryl MAC 3,1 1990
diamond polish machine for acrylic sheet. length max 3000mm. Max thickness 60mm, head can be turned for angle polishing
Miscellaneous All other Machines Shannon HRP 220 + HRP 250 1997
HRP 220 (1999) and HRP 250 (1997) each 5 heaterlines up and 5 heaterlines down
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines Gloenco 1995
mono layer (line needs osme work)
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Geiss DU 3000x1800 SERVO RETROFIT IN PROCES 1990
Servo driven machine with sheetloader. Machine is in process of overhauling now and will be equiped with Murman Plastic Machinery develloped Siemens S7 with integrated heating controll
These products are SOLD
Miscellaneous All other Machines Tampoprint Concentra 90/4 None
Thermoforming Thermoform-film Illig SB 74 D 10 1996
With Punch! Event blister shape is possible. Machine is full electric (only europunch is air driven). Machine is under power.
Extrusion lines Recycling lines OMP 180/35 1998
Prealpina recycling line: 1- 4 cubic meter feeding silo with feed screw. 2-180 mm 35 D extruder 1998, bimettalic , air cooled, 350 kw motor, forced feeder, venting with vacuum assist, control panel. 3- screenchanger hydraulic. 4-die face cutter for 1000 kg/hour, with water centrifuge. 5-Filling station for 2 big bags . Extras: screw and cylinder used, one die face cutter for max 500 kg/hour.
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Arburg 370 CMD 800-325 1989
Machine has small malfunction in controls
Injectionmoulding Mould onbekend 28 liter emmer met deksel 1993
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Mould 11 liter bucket and lid None
1 set of moulds for bucket and lid .
Injectionmoulding Mould 5.8 liter bucket and lid None
5.8 liter bucket and lid moulds
Injectionmoulding Mould 10.8 liter bucket and lid None
1 set moulds bucket and lid 10.8 liter
Injectionmoulding Mould 10 liter bucket and lid None
1 set moulds bucket and lid
Miscellaneous All other Machines van den Brink Beugelmachine met zijuitnemer None
machine for putter metal brackets on buckets.
These products are SOLD
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Illig UA 150 None
with sheetloader and pre-heater NOTE: THIS MACHINE IS WANTED BY ONE OF MY CUSTOMMERS!!
Injectionmoulding Mould Strassmann/Glaroform Cup PS/PP 1992
Granulator Granulator Dreher 34/53 VS - Spez None
half open rotor, in noise reduction cabines, including blower
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Illig UA 250 1990
Nice machine for its age!
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Krauss Maffei KM 200-1000 CV 1998
6x VERTICAl Injectionmouldingmachine Krauss Maffei KM 200-1000CV Clampingforce 200ton year 1998 Productiondata: Swiss made mould "Hoffstetter" mould 6 cavity for yoghurt cup (150 gram yoghurt) Yoghurt Cup 73mm topdiameter 45mm bottomdiameter +- 73mm height (without bottom ring) +- 81mm hight (with bottom ring) Output per machine: approx 6000-7000 cups/hr Material : PP NOTE: weight of the cups, without bottom ring 5,8 gram Single shot:
These products are SOLD
Extruders Extruders single screw Cincinatti Alpha 45-25 2002
nice machine, low hrs
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 25 1997
with strand die small waterbath, small feeder.
Thermoforming Thermoform-film Illig SB 100 C4 1999
Skinsize 96x40 cm diverse spareparts
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet Illig UA 100 G 1990
machine also has preahting station!
Mixers Hot/cold mixers (pvc) Papenmeier 200-400 1991
These products are SOLD
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Weber DS10.22 1997
machine previously used for PVC pipe production.
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Weber DS10P 1995
previously used on profile extrusion.
Miscellaneous All other Machines 25kg bag opener None
25kg bag openings installation. Seperates bag from granulate
Miscellaneous All other Machines S&B wire coating line 60 mm various wire thicknesses 1988
Plastic Coating Line Comprising: Decoiler And Snag Shut Down Stand Tensioning Table S & B Plastic Machining Plastic Extruder With 60mm Screw Approx. 15Ft Water Cooling Trough Zumbach ODAC Jacket Thickness Tester With Control Unbranded 22ln Static Coiler
Miscellaneous All other Machines Greiner 1000 mm wide 2003
1000 mm wide downstream made by Greiner, in very good condition. Saw Cross and Longtitudal saw included.
These products are SOLD
Miscellaneous All other Machines A&G CT12000 & PT-1212+PS401 2004
Twin Strand downstream in very good condition.
Miscellaneous All other Machines Weber,GFK,Graewe 5-32mm 2003
Make Weber/GFK Model POG 25/2 Tooling Bushes 12.7,16.5, 16.8, 20.0, 34 mm Tooling Pins 7.1, 13.7, 18, 31.2 mm Vacuum calibration tank Twin line Make Sandern Model 63/2/6 Max diameter 63 mm Length 6 meters Two chamber vacuum system Sections 1 meter and 5 meters Tank in stainless steel Left and right tank each have separate controls Haul off Twin Make Graewe Model DBA63 Contact length 1200 mm Max diameter 63 mm Servo drives Left and right each have separate controls Servo Cutter Make Reinhard Collection table Home made by pipe producer suitable for twin track.
Thermoforming Thermoform-film Illig RV 53 1992
movable bottomtable punch
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 40 1998
complete line except the strand pelletiser
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Leistritz ZSE60HP/GL-400 1999
complete line with strands
These products are SOLD
Extruders Extruders single screw Davis Standard BC60 2002
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Amut BA92 1992
Machine Type : PVC pipe extrusion line 75- 160 mm Make : Amut-Sica Model : BA92 Year : 1992 Hours : 42100 Extruder (1992) : AMUT BA 92 : Spare screw and barrel new. : Output 300 kg/hr Die : AMUT : Tools 90mm , thicknesses 3.5mm (PN8), 5.4mm (PN12.5) : Tools 110mm , thicknesses 2.7mm (PN6), 4.2mm (PN16), : Tools 160mm , thicknesses 4.0mm (PN6), 6.2mm (PN10), 9.5mm (PN16) : Sewage pipes, 90x2.2mm, 110x2.8mm, 160x3.8mm Vacuumtank : Amut : 6 Meter Pipe Marker : Gnata Haul off : Amut : Two track Saw : Sica : TRS 32-250 : With length measurement. Belling machine : Sica : BA.N.S.1T 32-200
Extruders Extruders single screw Tecnova ES45N/37D/DEG None
Single screw extruder previosly used to produce masterbatches, 45 mm with 37 D and venting, control panel, strand die , strand cooling bath with strand drier. All in good condition.
Injectionmoulding Mould Kantplankhouder steiger None
Granulator Granulator Tria 450/600 1990
granulator with 45 kw motor, machine has been checked and will be delivered with sharpened blades. No blowers or cyclone available.
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Engel VC 330/60 2002
Extrusion lines Recycling lines Extricom Ring E6 2000
YEAR 2000 - STOPPED 2010 - Extricom RE 6 Ringextruder - Extremely high degassing efficiency, enables maximum throughput rates even in the case of heavily contaminated PET flakes or flakes that have not been pre-dried. Incl. Starlinger Trennkopf 1000 screen changer and Maag Melt Pump, type MPS Extrex 140-4 ST / 37kW and Gala 7 Underwater Pelletiser. Control not complete. Motor drive missing. Incl classifying screen. Extruder capacity 1400 kg/hr. Parts can be sold seperate.
Thermoforming Thermoformer-sheet None
Injectionmoulding Mould Dessert/coffee spoon 125 mm 2008
2 mould - in very good condition
Injectionmoulding Mould Strassmann/Glaroform Dessertcup PS 150 cc 1992
Hotrunner Mould revision 2012 - in very good condition
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Mould Strassmann/Glaroform Glas 220 cc PS 1995
Injectionmoulding Mould Stirrer 170 mm None
Injectionmoulding Mould Rain Barrel Filling System + filter 2005
1 mould upper and lower part 1 mould filter in very good condition
Injectionmoulding Mould Cocktail Stirrer 150 mm 2009
Extrusion lines Recycling lines OMP Prealpina 85 1996
OMP PREALPINA 85 Year of manufacturing 1996, in very good conditions , to recycle scraps from in production. Screww/cylinder 100%, main gear changed 2010. Output 200/250 Kg./h as related to thickness of the films. Sutiable for shopper of HDPE /LDPE, trimmed parts, film left from packaging etc. Basically made out of: - Loading belt - Grinder - Sylos - Foced feeding - Extruder monoscrew - Hidraulic screeen changer - Die face cuttting - Vibratine screen- centrifuge - Ventilator for granules. Ready and can be seen for a dry test.
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Boy 80M Procan 1995
Offer Boy 80 Procan Addressed to: General offer For sale of the following machine: Make: Boy Model: 80 Procan Year of manufacture: 1995 Registered hours : 83500 Mounting plate 560x560 mm Effective mounting space 410x358 mm Clamp unit hydraulic Clamp force 805 Kn Daylight 680 mm Opening max 430 mm Minimum mould height 250 mm Ejector stroke 130 mm PS shotweight 234 grams Theoretical shotvolume 262.4 cc Cylinder diameter 48 mm Controls Procan Condition: Well maintained, in production until end april 2017, replaced by modern machine. Price € 5.500,-- Conditions of sale: Payment: in advance . Condition: As is.
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines co-ex Seide Battenfeld 1999
Co-extruder production line for PP / PS Battenfeld-Cincinati film 2012/1999 .   Co-extruder  600 kg / h PS, 480 kg / h PP. Battenfel main Extruder - Cincinati BEX 1-75-34 DV T2 Year 2012 - degassing - sieve - Maag meltpump ( cnc motor ABB ) - engine power 144.6 kw - heating power 37 kw -B- Extruder SEIDE ESE 1-60-30D year 2007 - screenchanger - Maag meltpump ( cnc motor ABB  ) - Motor 53.2 kw - heating 16.6 kw Die width 1000mm (2nd die available 750 mm) Production of layer A; A / B; B / A / B film Film thickness 0.2 - 2.5 mm Calander Seide year 1999 - roll width 1000 mm - Roll diam 500/500/400 Each Callander-roll separate CNC drive - Film thickness controll Lase year 2012 - Edge Cutting system - Corona system - Film accumulator (tower) - Rapid grinder for edge trim - 5 component mixer. - lots of new spare parts: callander rolls, heaters, Maag melt pump etc etc etc
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines co-ex Welex 1040 1994
Thermoforming Bandsaw Horizontal Hema None
Printing presses Cup-printer test None
These products are SOLD
Printing presses Cup-printer test 1980
Printing presses Flexoprinter test 1980
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Nissei ASB 50 2003
output in 3 cavities is 15000 a day. machine only for sale.
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Nissei ASB 50 2003
Machine only, output with three cavities is 15000 a day
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Nissei ASB650EXH III 2005
Please note that this machine will be supplied with moulds. Running hours 39000. Output average 550 units per hour. 1,2,3,5 liters moulds round and rectangular, 110 mm neck.
These products are SOLD
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Weber various 50-250 1994
Product: weber hdpe Line 50-250 mm Make: Weber Year: 1994 Motor: 110,0 kW Output: 400 kg/h Complete line HDPE pipe-Production Extruder Calibration Tanks Cooling Tanks Haull off - Sica Cutter- Sica Winders Tools included for Diamanters: mm
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Davis Standard PE-Xb or HDPE 1998
excellent condition complete line.
Bag sealing machines Patch handle bag making machine Stiegler Stiegler U-900/SBTL 1990
Stiegler, wicket, punch handle, glue patch
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Battenfeld Bex2-65 1998
machine needs cosmetic tidy up.
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Krauss Maffei KMD 75 XS R 2004
35500 running hours
These products are SOLD
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Cincinnati CMT58 1994
55000 hours
Extruders Extruders single screw Cincinnati Alpha 60 2006
Thermoforming CNC-Millingmachine Huber & Grimme HG1400 Tandem 1998
Thermoforming Thermoform-film Illig RV 53 1991
movable bottom table punch
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Battenfeld Fischer BFB 8-30 1988
machine produced up to sept 2016, in full working order, 20 litres jerry cans and floats, available ex port |Rotterdam.
These products are SOLD
Granulator Granulator Zerma GSE500/500 2008
included blower cyclon control panel
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines Dr Collin 25-25 1986
Extrusion miscellaneous Screenchangers Ettlinger ERF 200 2011
Thermoforming CNC-Millingmachine CMS PK 48 2001
Tandem freesmachine
Thermoforming Thermoform-film illig RDK80 2006
These products are SOLD
Thermoforming CNC-Millingmachine Geiss FZ2500 overhauled 1998
overhauled, will be delivered including 3 Months Warranty
Miscellaneous All other Machines Dr Collin 25-25 1986
complete 3 roll lab calander line, 25mm 25D extruder,small 100 mm wide die,230 mm wide calander (3roll), panel, winder
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Stork SX3000-2100 1996
machine still in production
Extrusion lines Recycling lines Artec 85V 2001
Regranulation line 85mm, with feed belt, metal detector, 55 kw grinder, 85 mm vented extruder , 37D, screenchanger, die face cutter. Extruder : 85 mm, 37D, Vented, 80 kw drive, year 2000, with screen changer. Feeding : belt with metal detector, granulator (1000mm 55 kw) feeds the extruder. Die face cutter. Blowers and silo. Suitable for PE/PP/PS/ABS/PC, material like films, grinded materials, thin materials. Machine information: Still connected.
Extrusion lines Recycling lines OMP 130 1999
Regranulation Line Make OMP Prealpina Model T130 LD35, with forced feeder from feeding silo, 130 mm vented extruder , 35D , 250 KW DC drive, semi automatic screenchanger, die face under water cutter, granule screen, blower Materials PE/PP like films, grinded materials, thin materials, output 500-600 kg/hr. Machine information: In production till end 2016 now dismantled and stored.
These products are SOLD
Miscellaneous All other Machines Herbold Plastic compacting plant 2012
3 Plast Compactors including granulators and silos which had originally a price of approx. EURO 850.000,-. At the moment the customer is running PE – Film with a capacity of 2 x 800 kg / h + 1 x 600-800 kg / h. Year of construction : 2012, Working hours : approx. 6.000 h. The plant can be visited at any time until December.
Extrusion lines Sheet/Flatfilm lines Breyer 450-1500 1980
3 roll calander downstream roll diameter 450 mm, width 1500mm , haul off, roller table,length and cross cut saw station, updated throughout us, mx 23000 hours,
Extrusion lines Recycling lines Tecnova E130FTTC 2010
complete line, 22000 hours, with new screw and barrel july 2017, vented extruder with vacuum pump.
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Theysohn TSK90 1992
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine BMB 200 1995
Basic details: Screw diameter 55 mm Scre L/D 24 Injection volume 500 CC Injection weight in PS 480 grams Injection pressure 1700 Bar Clamp force 200 tonnes Opening force 25 tonnes Platen size 770x730 mm,Distance between tie bars 520x480 mm Min mould height 200 mm,Max mould height 550 mm Machine dimensions 6900mmx1700mmx2300mm, Machine weight 9000 kg
These products are SOLD
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Boy 22S 1987
Machine as bought used , to run in Laboratory in 1998, before installing it was overhauled by boy. Serviced througout laboratory use by Boy.
Extrusion lines Recycling lines Recent Recycling Machinery 75 2011
machine has run only 7700 hours, recently fully checked refurbished. |Made in Austria. Includes material feeder with metal detector, agglomorator, extruder vented, screen changer, pelletiser , blower and silo.
Miscellaneous All other Machines Next AV4-3200 2001
Pipe winder double. Previous use 100 mm hdpe pipe with wallthickness 10 mm, max coil diameter 3200 mm.
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Engel ES600/150 1991
Injectionmoulding Injectionmouldingmachine Engel ES200EK65 1991