Category Kind Brand Model Year
Bag sealing machines Patch handle bag making machine Stiegler Stiegler U-900/SBTL 1990
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine B&W DEC 1000 1998
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Battenfeld Fischer BFB 8-30 1988
Blowmouldingmachines Blowmouldingmachine Nissei ASB650EXH III 2005
Extruders Extruders double screw (co-rotating=mixing) Maris TM40V 1987
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Krauss Maffei KMD 90-22
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Weber DS10.22 1997
Extruders Extruders double screw (counter-rotating) Weber DS10P 1995
Extruders Extruders single screw Dr Collin 45-25 1989
Extruders Extruders single screw Maileffer BMA 80-30D 1986
Extruders Extruders single screw Cincinatti Alpha 45-25 2002
Extrusion dies and feedblocks Die sheet/flat-film
Extrusion lines Cast lines Diamat FLA 1997
Extrusion lines Cast lines Ghioldi 1500 1997
Extrusion lines Compounding lines NPM 25-30 2001
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Extrudex ED20-25 1997
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Theysohn TSK90 1992
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Leistritz ESE 120 1994
Extrusion lines Compounding lines Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 40 1998
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (flexible) Bellaform set of 2 extruders 2001
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Battenfeld 250 mm 1997
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Tecnova, Weber ,Graewe max 32 mm (63) 2002
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Davis Standard PE-Xb or HDPE 1998
Extrusion lines Pipe lines (rigid) Amut BA92 1992
Extrusion lines Recycling lines Recent Recycling Machinery 75 2011
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